The twelve tribes

The twelve tribes signed print
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Gold embossed prints, matted, signed and named by Bracha $15
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Gold embossed prints, matted, signed and named by Bracha $28
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Hand illuminations Prints (delicate lines of gold and silver made by Bracha), matted, signed and named by Bracha. $55
Larger Sizes Custom made prints, using color separation technique , hand  illuminations, signed,named and numbered by Bracha.


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Pictures technique

The original tapestries are handmade, made out of different fabrics sawn on canvas.

All the prints are based on the original tapestries.

The process is photographing, color separations, offset printing and gold embossing.

There are other techniques like gold hand painting and serigraphs, used on special prints.

The Original Tapestry

The twelve tribes original tapestry

The twelve tribes

felt on canvas
Private collection

From right to left


First row




 Reuben- the oldest: Genesis 49 /Exodus 23  

 Levi - were priests: Exodus 39  

 Simon - was also a poet and warrior: Genesis 49 

 Judah - out of which stepped kingdom of David: Genesis 49


Second row



Nafhtali - like a gazelle on the hills of Galilee: Deuteronomy 33

Asher - his land is fertile with olives and grain : Genesis 49

Benjamin - like a wolf: Genesis 49

Joseph - and his sons Manasseh and Ephraim: Psalm 80



Third row



Zebulon - a mariner: Genesis 49 / Deuteronomy 33

Issachar - understood the stars - Book of Chronicles 12

Gad - he is a hero : Deuteronomy 33

Dan - judges and therapists: Genesis 49



 Bracha near the tapestry The twelve tribes



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