The other Jerusalem

The other Jerusalem signed print
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Gold embossed prints, matted, signed and named by Bracha $15
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Gold embossed prints, matted, signed and named by Bracha $28
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Hand illuminations Prints (delicate lines of gold and silver made by Bracha), matted, signed and named by Bracha. $55
Larger Sizes Custom made prints, using color separation technique , hand  illuminations, signed,named and numbered by Bracha.


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Pictures technique

The original tapestries are handmade, made out of different fabrics sawn on canvas.

All the prints are based on the original tapestries.

The process is photographing, color separations, offset printing and gold embossing.

There are other techniques like gold hand painting and serigraphs, used on special prints.

The Original Tapestry

The other Jerusalem original tapestry

The other Jerusalem

felt on canvas
Private collection

This picture describes the heavenly and the earthly Jerusalem.

Unlike the rest of the world, the Jewry presents a completely different division of Jerusalem, a horizontal division between up and down, between heaven and earth, between two imaginary spaces, and not between spaces on the earth.


The heavenly Jerusalem is an idea; it is a concept of how the reality should be in the earthly Jerusalem.

Chazal ("Our Sages, may their memory be blessed") taught that heavenly Jerusalem is hovering directly above the earthly city.

The heavenly Jerusalem is the one that provides to the earthly Jerusalem the eternal qualities and a special atmosphere.

The heavenly Jerusalem is a city of tolerance, peace and harmony. It is a city that is free of bitter disagreements and persistent arguments.

"Get up, Jerusalem" urges us the Prophet.


He does not refer just to the physical construction of the city that was destroyed many times in distant past.

He means dealing with the challenge of imitation of the heavenly Jerusalem.

Only those who can see the heavenly Jerusalem will find hope and healing in earthly Jerusalem.

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