Shalom to all our friends and site visitors

We are in hard times.
I believe you have seen some of the inhuman horrors that were done in the beautiful and peaceful communities in the south of Israel.

We know you can’t visit in our beautiful and beloved country right now, but we strongly believe there will be better times and you’ll come again.
However, we continue creating, working and shipping and would like to continue being in touch with you all.
As you probably know Israel needs a lot of support and so do we.


So we have an idea:
We’ll donate 15% of our sales on our website, to the best organisation, that way we can all donate.
I’m sure all of you would like to visit in Israel again safely, so we have to win our enemies, with your blessed support, and with your and our prayers for the safe return of all kidnapped children, and adults.
Scenery of Israel, Integrated with Jewish symbolsScenery of Israel, Integrated with Jewish symbolsRealistic and imaginary scenery of JerusalemRealistic and imaginary scenery of JerusalemGlorious events and significant characters of the BibleGlorious events and significant characters of the BiblePictures in special formats and unique matsPictures in special formats and unique mats
Bracha employed a variety of artistic techniques and discovered the flexibility of felt about forty years ago.The city of Jerusalem and stories from the Bible provide her with endless sources of inspiration.   Her use of felt in bright, semi-tropical colors allows her to express her themes dramatically.They also allow her to capture both the warmth normally associated with tapestry and the attention to fine detail typical of painting …Read More