Shalom to all our friends and customers


We would like you all to know we work as usual, and send out orders all over the world.

You can order directly to your home address or to friends far away from you.

We can send your orders to whoever you want.

My art is a reminder of some of the magical sites in the Holy land, and it can always be a tiny comfort to whom you want to give it.

Be well my friends! We wish you health and happiness, and that some day soon we will see you come again to visit our beautiful country.

Bracha Lavee

Bracha employed a variety of artistic techniques and discovered the flexibility of felt about forty years ago.The city of Jerusalem and stories from the Bible provide her with endless sources of inspiration.   Her use of felt in bright, semi-tropical colors allows her to express her themes dramatically.They also allow her to capture both the warmth normally associated with tapestry and the attention to fine detail typical of painting …Read More
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